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Our Programs

Specialized in providing in-home music lessons. All our programs include a bespoke development plan tailored to each individual student's needs and goals

We offer a free trial lesson on request basis for new registered customers to help understand the student's capabilities, goals and be able to recommend the best program and plan

Standard Programs

Best for recreational learning, as a hobby and or leisure. In-addition to preparation for certification exams

Standard Programs Pricing

Once a Week

1 Month            Term 3

mins           4 lessons          12 lessons

  30             653 AED          1895 AED

  45             870 AED          2547 AED

  60           1067 AED          3163 AED

Prices are Inclusive of 5% VAT

Specialized Programs

Four Notes Recommended

Combining instrumental and music theory education, forming a comprehensive best in class educational program

Specialized Programs Pricing

Twice a Week

1 Month            Term 3

mins           8 lessons           24 lessons

  30            1263 AED        3654 AED

  45            1656 AED        4834 AED

  60            2050 AED        5869 AED

Prices are Inclusive of 5% VAT


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