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Raha International Schools Registration Page

This registration form is dedicated to Raha International School students who desire to sign up for music lessons on campus. If you are not a student of the Raha International School, then please go to programs page and follow the registration link. Thank you!

Currently, we are providing Piano, Singing, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar Ukulele, Drums, Saxophone, Music Theory, Bands and Chamber music lessons. 


Upon registration, our team will contact you to complete the scheduling, Conduct a free trial lesson and payment upon confirmation of signing up.


Customers will have a choice of the below three packages. Total price will depends on the number of classes assigned in the package. Prices are inclusive of 5% VAT. 

During School Hours - 30 mins

152.5 AED per lesson

After School Hours - 60 mins

257.5 AED per lesson

After School Hours - 45 mins

210 AED per lesson

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