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Head of Piano Department

Pianist Uros Todic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. In his early years, his artistic prowess quickly attracted attention, at the age of five he started his music education. During his Masters studies he was identified as a bright and enthusiastic pianist and became a teacher who is known for his remarkable teaching methods and approach. During his performing career he was recognized as a young pianist of mature musicality and imagination, superior technique, and a heartwarming sound. In 2018 Uros is becoming a co – founder of Four Notes Music Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Today, Uros is a piano teacher who advocates for the development of a new system of music education and the creation of more opportunities for students.



Head of Singing Department

Piano Specialist

Marija is a Serbian opera singer – soprano, who started her music education at the age of 6. After 6 years of playing the piano she started singing lessons that became her biggest passion. In 2016 Marija graduated as a Master Opera Singer and a teacher form the “Faculty of Arts” at Slobomir University, BIH in class of the Prof. Mr. Vojislav Spasic. During her singing career Marija became a winner of numerous International competition and awards. She took parts in operas, musicals and around 400 concerts all over eastern Europe with both piano and orchestral accompaniment. In 2018 Marija became a co-founder of Four Notes Music Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE where she works as a teacher. Today she is recognized through holistic approach to education and encourages her students to explore and learn more about music theory and the history of music

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Drums and Guitar Teacher
Manager Assistant at Four Notes

Claude Cozens is a drummer, guitarist and teacher who studied extensively in South Africa and Norway culminated by achieving a Masters’ degree in the performing art. For many years, he has been touring with musicians internationally as well teaching talented students. Manifesting his experience to provide engaging and exciting lessons for his students with a holistic learning opportunity for all levels. Many of whom have gone to have  incredible achievements in music. Claude began learning at a very young age, dedicated to his instrument. By the time he was a teenager, he was being featured in events and local music festivals. From there, prominent musicians - especially from the international jazz scene - started working with him on various projects around the world including Norway, Japan, Italy, Switzerland and the UAE.


Violin Teacher

Flavius Danica is a Serbian violinist, born with a Romanian ethnicity. He began studying violin at the age of eight, taking lessons from his father. Followed by studying in Cuprija School for talents, Serbia and then Bachelor and Master studies in University of Novi Sad, Serbia.  Today, Flavius is a holder of ‘Master of Musical Arts’ degree. In his career he participated at many concerts and competitions across the country and Europe as a soloist, orchestra, and chamber orchestra player, also Flavius was actively attending the master classes and had an opportunity to study from the best violin professors. His pedagogical career started in 2014 and since then Flavius develop himself into international violin teacher who is sharing the knowledge and experience with his students. Combining passion, knowledge and experience Flavius is motivating students to enjoy the music and practice so they can achieve whatever their goal is.

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Piano Teacher 

Jouman Omran is a pianist with remarkable background and international experience. At the age of 5, she showed an interest in classical music and started playing the piano. Graduated Bachelor studies for music and performing arts - piano form High Institute of Music and Master studies with qualification and speciality in musical education from the Damascus University. In the past 18 years, Jouman was working as piano,theory,solfeggio teacher, accompanist and head of piano department. Through the work with students, she developed herself into amazing teacher with the unique pedagogical approach. As a pianist Jouman has performed in more than 300 concerts as a soloist, chamber ensembles, accompanist, at the same time she was a pianist in the Damascus Opera House in Syria, Politechnika Orchestra in Poland,  had an Internship in Akademia Muzyczna - Poland and has won 2nd Swiss International Music Competition in Switzerland,2022. 


Cello and Piano Teacher

Kenana is coming from a musician family, she started her music education at the age of 6 and has completed her Bachelor studies from the Higher Institute of Music, Damascus, Syria.

During the studies Kenan developed the passion for performing and teaching. Kenana was performing with many Arab orchestras including the Syrian Symphony Orchestra, The Arab Orchestra and the Mari Orchestra. With them she was performing in many theaters with famous musicians from all over the world. 

At the same time Kenana developed unique method of teaching and sharing her knowledge with the students who were passing the exams and preparing for competitions and performances. 

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Guitar and Piano Teacher 

My name is Anton, and I possess significant experience teaching classical and electric guitar, ukulele, and piano to students of all ages and proficiency levels. My proven track record demonstrates my prowess in nurturing students' musical talents and cultivating their passion for music. I create and implement personalized lesson plans, impart diverse playing techniques, and foster a positive learning environment. I monitor and evaluate student progress, provide constructive feedback, and prepare students for music exams and performances. I collaborate with other music teachers and staff to organize events showcasing students’ talents. I stay updated with the latest teaching methodologies and music trends to enhance the learning experience.

My comprehensive background in music education is demonstrated by my completion of a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from the University of Chernivtsi, complemented by various qualifications and certifications in piano, guitar, and ukulele. I am also actively involved in the music community, participating in workshops, seminars, conferences, festivals, concerts, projects, and tutoring activities.

I am deeply passionate about sharing my love of music with others, and helping them realize their potential. I continually seek to broaden my horizons, both professionally as a musician and as a teacher.


Guitar and Drum Teacher

Archie is a guitarist born in the Philippines. He started his music journey at the age of 8 and has completed his Bachelor of Music in Music Performance studies majoring in Guitar.

Archie has been playing at concerts and events in the Philippines and UAE. His 10 years of teaching guitar to students here in the UAE made him a seasoned music instructor for all ages and levels.

As an educator, Archie aims to teach music as an artistic, smart, and unique way of expression. The most rewarding feeling for him is to see his students enjoy, excel, and find refuge in music. 

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