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Head of Piano Department

A bright, intelligent and enthusiastic music and teaching postgraduate with a wealth of experience and knowledge Piano and music theory. Born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1992, Uros has been studying music since age of five. Graduated from the Faculty of Art in Nis. Uros Todic has established himself as one of the most interesting and versatile artist of his generation, being reviewed as a “young pianist of mature musicality and imagination, superior technique and a heartwarming sound”.



Head of Singing Department

Piano Specialist

Born in Serbia in 1992, Master musician Marija started her music education as a winner of an International Competition where her music talent was discovered. She continued her education and career studying opera singing at the Academy of Arts in Nis, Serbia.

She took parts in operas, musicals, number of competitions and around 400 concerts all over eastern Europe with both piano and orchestral accompaniment.

She believes in a holistic approach to education which includes motivating her students to learn music theory and history of music.

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Violin & Piano Teacher

Nemanja started music education from the age of 7. During his music studying he participated in numerous concerts, recitals and projects. He collaborated with some of the best teachers and professors in country and abroad. He was a member of symphonic orchestra of Ministry of defense "Stanislav Binički" and chamber orchestra "Proclassica". After graduating from "Academy of fine arts“ Belgrade, he continued his passion as being a part time member with "RTS“ symphony orchestra. He always aims to share his knowledge, with his professional and balanced approach, his students are adopting knowledge with joy and ease.